Friday, 17 July 2009

Polo in the World Equestrian Games- Elizabeth Hart Humphreys

The World Equestrian Games are possibly the bigest equestrian event other than the Olympics. There are some rumours that Polo may be included at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in 2010, probably as an exibition. This would be a major step forward. Please write to Kate Jackson, Vice President and Competition Director, at and let her know of your support for polo being included in the games in any way.


Foul Play?

There is a rumour going round that one of the high goalers mis treated his pony in his stable- horrible! Sat at my office, I was appalled to hear about this. If there is any truth in this, action should be taken immediately!
There is no polo without horses! remember that!

Kings and cow boys promo

So David has been working on this for a while, impressed at his dedication.
Here is a short on the movie:

Monday, 29 September 2008

Bryan Morrison dies after 2 years in Coma

We all remember when in 2006 we heard the news that Bryan Morrision had been in an accident while playing polo, and gone in a coma. 
After 2 years, Bryan died on Friday (september 26th) after contracting an infection.
Bryan was 66, and his major love was polo. Our condolences go out to his whole family and friends, especially Jamie.
R.I.P Bryan, and keep playing wherever you are

peace polo from Claudia Hodari

We received this from Claudia Hodari, who organised the polo 4 peace event.
Claudia, do send us pictures of the peace day around the world!

Thank you

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Do Gay People play Polo??

So today, we got an add request from a rather queer looking individual, I am afraid to say so myself. No not gay, just queer looking. I actually secretly hoped he was gay, just to answer my little nagging question.
Do gay people play polo?? Every other Minority is represented in polo, but where are the rainbow casting, glitter sprinkling, "Ohhh my God!-ing" Gays??? Absent from the sport? or is Polo one of those sports were the gay people who play it are afraid to come out??

If you know even ONE gay, just One, that plays the sport. Would love to know!!

PT team

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Polo in the Olympics

Recently, watching the olympics, it really got me wondering why Polo is not included in the olympics. Random sports like water polo (actually the oldest sport in the olympic), beach volleyball, BMX, and even trampoline are olympic sports!
Yet along with TUG OF WAR, Polo got chucked out from being an olympian sport. Now we are all trying to figure out how we can get it back in, making groups, signing petitions etc etc
But lets all be honest for a second. The olympic sports, the best from each country in each sport represent their country, the BEST, not 2-4 goalers, or 12 goal tournaments- THE BEST. While in some sports (such as football), proffesionals are not allowed to play to keep it fair, in polo, you take out the proffesionals, you take out 90% of argentinean polo players. Including, and rightfully, the Adolfo Cambiaso's of the world. 
So if it was done this way, as it should be, then Argentina will not have so much of a blatant advantage over other countries, but a lot of hard working proffesionals will not reap the benefits of their sport in the olympics, including the Nina vesteys and Henry Bretts of England, John Paul Clarkin of New zealand, Selby Williamson of South Africa, and etc. May hurt, but it works in football, and does well for young polo. No?
P.s other sports like Golf, Cricket, and Base ball are not in the olympics, yet immensely popular. May be we should concentrate more on getting international awareness for the sport of polo!
P.S.S When Argentina first played in the olympics, England got beaten 11-0!!!- Shortly after, polo was taken out of the olympics.